Waterfall of Perting @ Hammer Fall in Bentong

Location wise, 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur city center. Tracking? about another 30 minutes. You can estimate about 1 and half hour to reach the waterfall.

Located in Bentong, Pahang, you will need a car, and pair of legs for this trip, and a floating device. Camping tools as well, if you’re planning to camp. The water is freezing cold, from the hills of Genting Highland and Bukit Tinggi. The place has been a destination for waterfall lovers, and for fishing. If you’re on a fishing trip, please don’t leave the hook anywhere in the pool. We have found some strings, which could be dangerous to the others.

You can plan it for a day trip as well. Do start your journey early, as you do not want to waste more time on the road. From Kuala Lumpur, head to Kuantan, through Karak Highway, and exit at Genting Sempah exit, which is about after 15 minutes drive from Gombak toll. From genting sempah, head to Bentong, and within about 20 minutes, there will be the junction to the waterfall. The junction were not really noticable. The only landmark that you can notice is a small bridge. The junction is right after the bridge on your left. You can also find a resort signboard, named Perting something.

From the junction, you have to drive along the road, deeper inside, until the end of it, where you reach a resort. There will be a gate to a private land, where you have to park your car there. The resort take a small fee to park your car inside their compound, and the will look after your vehicles. Thats would be a better choice for us.


Start trekking towards the private land ahead. You will pass by private orchard, and cross the river, where you can see a pathway, and head to your right. From there, mark your watch, the trekking will take approximately 40 minutes.


Getting close to the fall, you will starts to head a loud sounds of splashing water on your right. There is a small pathway down the main path, which leads you to a waterfall. Be careful here, the path can be slippery.

These are some of our pictures there. Do be careful, the water can be very deep. And be careful with the current. The water can push you from behind, towards deeper section of the water. If you cannot swim, PLEASE do bring a floating device. Even if you can swim, do be careful as well.





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