White House Grill (The Garden Cafe), Kg Paya Berenjut, Kemaman, Terengganu

We went back to Kemaman, Terengganu last week around 3 am in the morning after we watched Fast and Furious 6 at Berjaya Times Square. Normally, many people like to go and eat keropok losong or sata whenever they come to Kemaman but I was craving for kerepok lekor goreng and air nyiur? Or air kelapa lagi senang nak paham. Heh.  On our way back to Rumah Warisan, we went through Kampung Paya Berenjut and saw this huge white banglo restaurant at the side of the road. Literally, when we looked at this place, we were like “ who’s on earth will ever think to built this high end restaurant in the middle of Kampung Berenjut?”.  I told him that we need to come and eat here some day. However, we decided to go and dine in after isya’ prayer.

The new White House Grill at Kampung Paya Berenjut Kemaman.

Open from 5pm – 12am

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Courtesy from The White House Grill’s Facebook

The interior design was beautiful and nice! It is a western garden restaurant in the middle of suburban area. I didn’t bring any camera and had to use my handphone camera :(.

DSC_0325 DSC_0327


The view during the night. It was very nice and cool place to hang out.

DSC_0328I’ve ordered garlic bread and mushroom soup as appetizer. Well, sometimes we don’t know how long it will take for them to deliver our orders. Hence, usually I order something simple for starter so that I won’t turned into hulk when my food was delivered late. See? Plan B for tummy. Heh. I really love the garlic bread!! It was soft! melting selembutnya dalam mulut saya. I am a garlic bread fan, if the bread is too hard or less garlic spread on the bread memang sangat tidak menyelerakan. Nescaya akan di-complaint like I once did at Pizza Hut, JB. The bread was hard and the garlic spread was only a tiny 10 cent circle in the middle of the bread. Serious hampa but this one not!


The chicken chop with black pepper sauce was definitely yummy!. Why? The chicken meat was thick  and soft plus generous amount of sauce. Selalunya I dapat seciput je sauce. (-__-) 

I would recommend this lovely restaurant to whoever come by to Kemaman, Terengganu. 943023_500115216710096_660091316_n

Here are the menus and the price (Courtesy of White House Grill Facebook Page) . The prices are very reasonable to me. Give a try whenever you come to Kemaman. 🙂


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