Sunday Morning at Shah Alam Seksyen 13 Market @ Pasar Tani Mega

It was a great Sunday morning, we had our slept over last night at his friend’s house. Thank you guys for letting us crashing at your lovely crib! You know who you are <3 .

Hence, we took the opportunity to explore the famous morning market in Shah Alam , Seksyen 13. It was located in front of Tesco in Shah Alam.

Shah Alam Morning Market at Seksyen 13 or some called Pasar Tani Mega Shah Alam is a huge market that sells variety of things. Usually when we talk about market, there will be vegetables, meat, fruit and all the foods available. Well this market is a little bit different from those normally you go to. It has lots of things from wet food, dry food, fast food (giant burgers), pets, plants, clothing, CARS? And Insurance k? I mean I was strolling around looking for some eye catching dresses then a salesperson came to offer some insurance! Wow.  Literally, it has everything.  Great right?  You should come and see for yourself.



We arrived around 8.15am and there were lots of people in the market. Some of the blogs that I’ve read came as early as 7am in order to avoid the crowd.

Well, not everybody is willing to wake up in the morning on Sunday. We were so grateful that both of us got the chance to be here before noon! Heheh Alhamdulliah.  One of the stall owners told us that the market will be closed around 12pm so if you want to explore the whole of market, you need to wake up very early in the morning. If you live in or nearby Shah Alam, it will be easy to come here early. If you are located in the middle of KL and it’s probably best to wake up as early as possible to avoid traffics.





Anyways, I was looking for any good bargain clothing for pregnant lady and there were so many choices. I had only rm50 notes from yesterday and those lovely dresses price range from RM70 –RM200. You need to look carefully at the quality of the dresses. Some are good, some are average. Above all, with an rm50 note, I couldn’t afford any dresses but we did buy nasi lemak for lunch (RM13), Soya bean (RM1), Asam Boi (RM1), 2 T-shirts (RM10), and keropok lekor (RM2).


There was a stall that sells orchids from RM13 –rm15. I never had the experience in buying orchids but I think that price is quite cheap is it? If you want to but some lovely orchids, you can come and buy at this lady’s stall. She is very nice in explaining how much each plant is. I think it will be better if she wrote the price on a cardboard so that she could save some of the energy in re-explaining the prices to her customers all over again. Right?





Hence, if you have no other plans on Sunday, come and experience Pasar Tani Mega in Seksyen 13, Shah Alam.

Toodles until we meet again.

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