Sawadikka! Ao Nang Beach, Krabi,Thailand – Day 1

This is a 2 article series of our trip to Krabi. You can read Day 2 article here,

We arrived at Krabi International Airport arround 1.40pm on Friday. We took shuttle bus to Ao Nang Beach for 150 Bath each. The shuttle bus looked more like a shuttle van to me.


It was really hot day! The bus air condition was not really helping either!



Inside the bus


Pictures taken during our bus trip to Ao Nang Beach


Haleeva Hotel

Haleeva Hotel


The Cliff view from in front of Bamboo Restaurant


Ao Nang Orchid Resort

Anyways, we arrived at Ao Nang beach 45 minutes later. Last time when we went to Bali, some of the food didn’t really suit our taste, so we bought Nasi Lemak Pak Naseer on the flight for our lunch meal. Just in case.


our lunch~


View in front of Guitar Residence’s Reception/Tour Package

We didn’t booked any hotel so we decided to fill our empty stomach nearby Ao Nang beach before we look around for the hotel. I was so lazy so I sat there and asked him to look around instead :P. He came back with a rent scooter and off we go to find nearby hotel for the night.

There are lots of hotel there and I think we are lucky enough to get the nearest hotel which was 3 minutes walking to the beach. We booked Guitar Residence which has a 1.2 meter high of swimming pool that full of chlorine. Basically, both of us burned our eyes when we dive into the pool. By the time I reach the end of the pool, my body couldn’t take it anymore. I washed off with shower and straight back to our room.


The Pool courtesy of


The current view of the pool from our camera

I’ve lost my SD card and I couldn’t take any picture from my camera :(. I wish I bought earlier because in Krabi, they sell 8G SD card for RM90 or so. Anyways, its a budget hotel and for those who really don’t mind , you can stay here for RM65 per night. Alhamdullilah, we got a good deal from them. If you booked at, the rate was RM76.75 (As per 11th June 2013). The real image of my room doesn’t really reflex at Our room 303 looks more older than those images display at However, it was a big room for us with balcony. If you have baby or small kids, better find another place as there is a pub/restaurant below the hotel that continuously open until late in the morning performing live musics. I, myself had sleepless night.


The room view from


The current view of our room. heh.

We went for a dinner at Lemon Restaurant. The restaurant located 10-15 minutes walk from our hotel. If you plan to rent a scooter then it will be less than 10 minutes. Scooter renting in Krabi range from 250 -300 Bath (Depends on how you negotiate with them).


We had Tom Yam Seafood, Kailan Salted Fish and Barracuda’s Sweet Sour with Watermelon juice and  Coffee Milkshake that cost us 520 Baht. The Tom Yam was  really nice but the Kailan tasted more on soy sauce than the salted fish. (Kailan ikan masin sepatutnya masin kan?)

There are lots of Halal Restaurants and stalls in Ao Nang, Krabi. You don’t have to worry finding halal food here. However, Fast food chain like McDonald, Burger King and etc is not Halal unlike in Bali, Indonesia. I was craving for Double Mushroom Swiss Burger from Burger King. When I asked whether it is halal or not, she replied only chicken burger halal. hahahahaha. As expected. Heh.

We walked around for window shopping, nearby market..


you can also fill your petrol here


It looks like a mini pancake to me. I didn’t buy any cause I don’t like any cream on my food. heheh

We also went for body massage 250 Bath for 1 hour at Massage Center nearby Lemon Restaurant! very cheap!

I love Krabi!.

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