Adventured Themed Room, Legoland Hotel Malaysia, Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia – Part 2

Our Room – Adventure Themed Room

There are a king bedroom for parents with bunk beds that can accommodate 3 children. There is a partition and sliding door between king bedroom and bunk beds. 1 toilet for the whole family. Unlike the suite room, there are 2 toilets to accommodate parents and kids plus they have a living room too! Woot woot.


20131125_185129 (480x640)

We are at level 2

20131125_185207 (480x640)

The adventure themed room!

20131125_185106 (480x640)

The view inside elevator

20131125_184956 (480x640)

The view outside the elevator. every floor has different theme 🙂

20131125_184947 (640x480)

very big and spacious

20131125_185216 (480x640)

Our Room! Yeah

20131125_185925 (480x640)

The King bedroom (Parents room)

20131125_185509 (640x480)

writing desk and LCD TV

20131125_185445 (480x640)

20131125_185500 (480x640)

The Lego Pharaoh pillow

20131125_185940 (480x640)

The sliding door between parents and kids room

20131125_185653 (480x640)

The monkey and safety box. They give instruction in every room on how to get the access number for the safety box. very exciting games that can be played by the whole family! we didn’t cracked the code. bummer.

20131125_185638 (480x640)

20131125_185518 (480x640)

20131125_185614 (480x640)

20131125_185404 (480x640)

The bunk beds

20131125_185604 (480x640)

20131125_185744 (480x640)

The Lego parrot

20131125_185735 (640x480)

They also provides basic lego bricks for the kids to play in the room. nice right? 🙂


The toilet/toiletries

There weren’t any toiletries in the room except for 2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel provided next in the shower room. I guess they will provide full toiletries set when they are fully operated for the public soon.

I also love the huge towel that I can wrapped all over myself and tummy. Seriously comfortable! Unlike some hotels, just enough to cover whatever need to cover. (-_-) They provides a lot of towels hence, you don’t need to bring any.

The 2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel smelled nice but I guess some of us would need to bring conditioner as it doesn’t really suitable for most of our family especially my fussy little sister who complaint the dryness of her hair after shower. Duhhh.

20131125_185314 (480x640)

The 2 in 1 shampoo and body wash

20131125_185320 (480x640)

This is how it looks inside.

20131125_185328 (480x640)

20131125_184811 (360x640)


The shower cube


If you need iron, you can request for it from the front desk. As for the hair dryer too I guess. I didn’t see any hair dryer in the room.

I’ll continue the next part soon. Stay tune. 🙂 

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