Legoland Hotel Malaysia – Dinner at The Brick’s Restaurant

The Brick’s Restaurant

The restaurant is big enough to accommodate approximately around 100 people? The food is okay. I guess some food is yummy and some didn’t suite my taste bud.

DSC_0028 (480x640)

Welcome to the Brick’s Restaurant

DSC_0027 (640x480)

Waiting area to be seated

DSC_0060 (480x640)

The Lego chief 🙂

DSC_0055 (480x640)


Dinner approximately RM95 per person. There were lots of guest tonight as they only open to invitation for today and tomorrow. We’ll be checking out tomorrow.

DSC_0039 (640x480)

This is how the Brick’s restaurant buffet looks like

DSC_0040 (480x640)

The Salad area

DSC_0041 (480x640)

The scallops. Ergh, it was tasteless 🙁

DSC_0042 (640x480)

Laksa. slurp. my sis told me there is “sambal belacan” too hehehe

DSC_0045 (480x640)

My first plate, the roasted duck was so juicy and delicious..the vegetable was tastless 🙁

DSC_0046 (480x640)

 Angah’s plate

DSC_0047 (480x640)


my plate – closed up

DSC_0048 (480x640)

The tasteless scallop (-_-)

DSC_0053 (480x640)


My second plate heheheh delicious!~ carbonara spaghetti, grilled seabass lemon capers sauce, paillard grilled chicken, and little cute baked potatoes.


Morning breakfast is complimentary with the room charges. I love the freshly baked hot croissants! It really increase my appetite. However, I couldn’t eat really much despite my big belly.

DSC_0100 (640x480)


Smoked turkey and brocolli

DSC_0101 (640x480)


Local fruits and various of jams

DSC_0102 (640x480)

DSC_0098 (640x480)


Turkey Ham

DSC_0103 (640x480)




DSC_0104 (640x480)


Malaysian Nasi Lemak Cinnamon


DSC_0107 (640x480)

My breakfast 😉


The swimming pool

The swimming pool still closed to public. Yet, there were kids swimming in the pool (-_-). I managed to take some pictures..


DSC_0111 (640x480)


DSC_0113 (640x480)

DSC_0114 (640x480)

DSC_0112 (640x480)

View from roof top

The rating star

Honestly, I think it’s not fair to give rating since they are not fully operated yet. There are so many improvement needed to be made for the hotel to be 5 stars.

I rated 4 stars for the interior design and fun games available in our room. As well as children friendly hotel full of games and safety features. Some of the safety features such as alarm sound when we accidently left the main door ajar and the bathroom floor made from wood so that it won’t slippery especially for heavily pregnant women like me.

I also love the huge towel that I can wrapped all over myself and tummy. Seriously comfortable! Unlike some hotels, just enough to cover whatever need to cover. (-_-) They provides a lot of towels hence, you don’t need to bring any.

The 2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel smelled nice but I guess some of us would need to bring conditioner as it doesn’t really suitable for most of our family especially my fussy little sister who complaint the dryness of her hair after shower. Duhhh.

If you need iron, you can request for it from the front desk. As for the hair dryer too I guess. I didn’t see any hair dryer in the room.

Hope Legoland Hotel Malaysia will be able to improve better next time when they are fully operated. 🙂

Till we meet again.


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