Cameron highland attractions within 2 days visit.

The weekend is short, we had just enough time to make it to Cameron Highland, and spend some time around the area. Overall trip was about 2 days and 2 nights. We left Kuala Lumpur on Friday night, and make it back to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday evening.

A bit about Cameron Highland, i was first developed in 1930s, and become one of the oldest tourist destinations in Malaysia. The notable attractions about Cameron Highland are the tea farm, the cool weather, nurseries, strawberry farms, vegetable farms, nurseries, waterfalls, rivers, mossy forest, place of worship and orang asli.

There are 2 main ways for people from Kuala Lumpur to go to Cameron Highland. Using north-south highway, take Tapah exit or Simpang Pulai exit. We chose Simpang Pulai as the road condition is better than Tapah which is too windy. We’re driving there at night. Therefore, for safety, we chose Simpang Pulai road.


The view from our apartment in Brinchang town, Cameron Highland.

We put a night at Brinchang, one of the main town in Cameron Highland. The town is popular with its Pasar Malam. This pasar malam is quite different than normal pasar malam you might saw. Mostly foods, but they’re quite different. Mostly derived from agricultural activity in Cameron Highland. There are many hotels around that area, small budget hotels, apartments, and also boutique hotel. They’re just walking distance to each other. There are shops, mosque, fire brigade, KFC, military camp.

One prominent thing you can see in Cameron Highland is really their agriculture products, and its fresh, and good quality. See this orange. 2kg for just 5 of them!


5 oranges weight 2kg!


Their cactus are so cute. Feel like want to take 1 each


Gaharu, which is popular for its use in perfumes.


This is what we’ve been looking forward to have.. The Strawberry ice cream. This is was made just like in villages, like in our young age, where the ice cream served in a thin tubing plastic. You’ll have to tear the end of it with your teeth, and seeps the ice cream slowly. This ice cream seems to be commercially made, as we can find it almost everywhere in Cameron Highland. There are 2 variants by the way, which is pure strawberry with no sugar added, and also added 20% sugar.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream



This is the most prominent tea farm in Cameron Highland. This farm can be found after Kampung Tringkap, if you’re taking Simpang Pulai road. You can see the big sign board at the roadside. There are shops, with beautiful scenery of tea farm right behind you. However, there are some sections of the farms which in the process of replanting.

cameroncoop-12 cameroncoop-13

Bharat Group Tea Farm also can be found on the other side of Cameron Highland, before you reach Tanah Rata, from Tapah side. This place is much different than the earlier. There are shops and restaurant selling tea products, and also common Cameron Highland. The unique about this place is, its build right off the cliff. One side of the open cafe area were right facing the wide view of the farms, across the hills.




That saturday night, we put up a night at Tanah Rata. Just to feel the different ambiance from Brinchang town. Tanah Rata seems to be the main town of Cameron Highland. If you’re taking bus to Cameron Highland, it stops here. You can find hospital, schools, wet market, government offices, and more hotels here, ranging from budget hotels, up to 5-star hotels here. You can also find Starbucks, Marrybrown, a Traveller’s bar, clinic, mamak stall just within walking distance.


Tour operator in Tanah Rata, right beside the Traveller’s Cafe


Traveller’s Cafe, in Tanah Rata

cameroncoop-17 cameroncoop-16


You can check up the price list of the vegetables here. I don’t know much about the price, but its quite cheap with what we bought.

Orang Asli (Aborigines) handcraft.

Along the way back, through Tapah road, you will find a few spots just by the roadside where Orang Asli were selling some handcrafts, plants which were hardly found anywhere else. Some of the handcrafts and locally made, and some others were made from somewhere else. The crafts were neat, fine, and high quality as well. Besides that, you can get lower price if you ask for discount.

If you’re taking a bus, you won’t have the chance to stop by at these so-called shops.


Kuala Woh Jungle Park.

Driving down the Tapah road made us a bit dizzy, at the end of the windy road, there are 2 waterfalls. One is Lata Iskandar, which is right at a sharp corner, on your way down. The area is crowded, as the waterfall can be seen right from the road. Continuing the journey, you will find Kuala Woh Jungle Park. Kuala Woh is also known as caravan camping site, which provide some basic facilities to the visitors. Kuala Woh also have hot springs. The hot water pool is still under construction, but you can feel the heat at certain spots at the river.

Kuala Woh has been a destinations for long ride journey through north-south highway, as it is not too far from highway. The place is well kept, the toilet is clean, despite it might be a bit crowded during the day.


Overall, roughly, we have spend below RM350 for the 1-car drive journey to Cameron Highland. Some basic calculations that you might consider.

RM 100 : fuel
RM 24.80 : Toll (Jalan Duta – Simpang Pulai)
RM 19.40 : Toll (Tapah – Jalan Duta)
RM 120 : Budget hotel, in Tanah Rata (Peak season price)
~RM 50 : some little vegetable shopping, and foods

** If you’re considering to take bus, refer to our previous article.

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  1. How long does it take to drive from KL to Cameron Highland?

    • I think about 3 hours. Normal Drive. However, the duration might varies according to traffic and season. Cameron Highland do have traffic problem during peak season. Not too forget North-South highway too, sometimes.

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